The Marinus Story

Marinus Enterprises was founded in 1977 by Kees Post, with his brother Maarten, and father Sjoerd.
Initially a production company and wholesaler on the domestic market, they supplied wholesalers, retailers and the horeca.
As time went on, the company began exporting to the United States, where the products are offered under various wellknown brands.
Quality is of utmost importance to us; all fish is purchased at auctions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, and processed in-house.


Marinus Enterprises is still a family business, currently in the hands of the third generation. Marinus Enterprises was partially acquired by Dayseaday in 2019; one reason for doing so was to expand our product range through the use of the Dayseaday network.
Marinus Enterprises was fully acquired by Dayseaday in July 2021,
allowing Dayseaday to make optimal use of the Marinus production facilities and vice versa.

The Future

The acquisition has helped to secure the future of Marinus Enterprises. Joint purchasing with Dayseaday creates opportunities for a more diverse product range in various markets. Quality is guaranteed through our direct communication style, and Marinus Enterprises will continue to serve its customers the same way it always has.
Moving forward, Dayseaday and Marinus Enterprises see growth opportunities together, particularly in the United States.